What Happens When a Printer Runs Out of Yellow, Magenta or Cyan Ink?

Why Have Managed Services for Your High Volume Printer or Copier?

Printers and copies are, like cars and all technology, great when they are working and not so great when they are not! To work at its best, your printer needs to be serviced regularly, used with care and small problems fixed while they are still small.

As a business, you are watching your bottom line, and probably wanting to spend as little on office amenities as you need to. Having managed services for your printer repairs in Brisbane, Melbourne and other major cities actually save you time and money.

Managed Services Have Expert Product Knowledge

By utilizing managed services, you know that your printer and photocopier repairs are done with the expert knowledge of your machine. At National Printer Repairs we provide our customers with the highest level of service, maintenance, and repair for HP, Canon, Samsung, Brother, and Epson printers and more.

Wide Range of Parts

We have a wide range of parts available, and access to toners, cartridges, drum units and more when you need them. When you have a managed service agreement one phone call is all that you need for photocopier repairs in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and nationwide.

Your Budget is Managed

A managed service agreement means that you know what your regular payments are for all of your printer and photocopier repairs. You will receive regular equipment maintenance as part of the agreement, and this means fewer breakdowns and repair bills.

You Are a Preferred Client

As part of your managed service agreement, you will receive a fast response to photocopier and printer repair service calls. When you use a company, or different companies, for repairs you may need to wait longer for callouts.

Utilising a managed service agreement for your printers and photocopiers makes sense. You receive expert advice and service, and the agreement saves you money. At National Printer Repairs we do national printer repairs and servicing. Our services cover Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and surrounds. Contact us today!

5 Reasons to Choose National Printer Repairs

At National Printer Repairs, we provide excellent service and advice, at the right price. When you are looking for a photocopier and printer service and maintenance company, choose us!Here are 5 reasons:

  1. We Give Great Customer Service

At National Printer Repairs the customer is number one. We answer phone calls quickly, are methodical and detailed in our approach, and our team are all friendly and professional. We have excellent systems in place to track the progress of your work, and we always keep you informed. Our team are on time and reliable —we are renowned as being a service you can trust.

  1. We Work With all the Major Brands

We work with all major brands and provide printer repairs and servicing for Brother, HP, Samsung, Canon, Del, Epson, IBM, Konica, Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, OKI, Panasonic, Ricoh-Lanier, Sharp, Toshiba and Xerox.

  1. National Printer Repairs Can Organise Spare Parts

Our spare parts include maintenance kits, print fuser assemblies, rollers and more.

We can also organize consumables and parts for your printer. Consumables that you may need include cartridges, toners, drum units and more.

  1. Our Technicians are Experts in the Trade

Our technicians know their way around a photocopier. They will quickly diagnose the problem and provide a solution. Having an expert on call means that you have less downtime in the office and your staff are more productive – saving you time and money. We recommend a regular printer service to prevent breakdowns of the machines.

  1. Our Work is Fully Guaranteed

For your peace of mind, we fully guarantee our workmanship. If there are any further problems of the same nature within a specified time frame we fix them for free!

We service all the major cities including Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and surrounding areas. There is always a technician close at hand.

4 Tips to Paper Selection for Your Office Copiers & Printers

When selecting paper for your office copiers and printers, there are some things that you need to consider. The paper needs to be a specific grade and especially suited to your machine. Do not just buy any printer paper that you find on special! Here are 4 tips!

  1. Keep Your Printer from Jamming

Paper jams can cause downtime for printers and photocopy machines and can lead to printer service and repairs. By buying quality paper that is designed for your machine you will keep it running better for longer. Your photocopier repairs bill will be less. Check with your national printer repairs agent about the best type of paper for your unique machine.

  1. Consider Your Standard of Printing

What standard of printing do you want for your business? Will you be doing a lot of draft printing or photocopies, or will you need high-quality resolution for your printing?Will you be doing printing and photocopying in bulk? Does your printing go to clients? The paper quality that you choose will affect how your documents present.

  1. What Are Your Office Policies?

Do you have an environmental policy? Will the paper that you use fit in with that? Your business may choose to use recycled paper to help the environment. Also production time may be important to your business. Choosing quality paper that has less likelihood of jamming the machine will see less need for photocopier and laser printer repairs.

  1. Do You Need Paper for Specific Jobs?

If you regularly create fliers or pamphlets you may consider colored paper. If hole punched paper is regularly used, then it makes sense to order pre-punched paper.

At National Printer Repairs, we organize printer and photocopier repairs in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and throughout Australia. For quality service and advice, contact us.

4 Steps to Fixing That Work Printer or Copier Paper Jam

If your work printer or copier is jammed, you may feel you need a degree or two to get it working again! Never fear, there are some easy steps to clear the jam and get your printing done quickly.

  1. Look at the Directions on the Screen

Your photocopier will tell you the exact location of the jam and which lever to push to remove the paper. Most photocopiers give you step by step instructions.

You may need to remove the paper in more than one area and press more than one lever. Sometimes you need to take out the paper tray.Before removing the paper from the machine, turn off the copier.

  1. Carefully Remove the Jammed Paper

Grab the ends of the paper firmly with both hands and tug gently in the opposite direction to which the paper has been fed into the copier.

  1. Check for Any Paper Fragments

Check around the located of the jammed paper for any small fragments of paper that may still be caught up in the machine. Tiny bits of paper can get caught in the printer, and if they do the printer will still register a paper jam.

  1. Turn the Copier On

Voila! Your copier is ready to use again. You may need to resend your print job. If you are still receiving error messages check carefully for any fragments of paper and remove them, and then restart the machine.

If after several attempts your printer does not clear, contact your printer repairs company. Sometimes other items can become lodged in the printer’s mechanisms such as staples, paperclips, and torn paper.

For professional national photocopier and printer repairs contact us. We can fix any paper jam, and we also expertly service and repair machines throughout Australia. We cover Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and more. At National Printer Repairs, we work with all the major brands.

Before deciding on the best printer for your office, have a look at the pros and cons of laser printers.


Cost Per Page

One of the biggest benefits of laser printers is their efficient use of toner. They use much less toner than inkjet printers use ink and as such, end up costing less per page. If your business is one that requires a lot of printing work, a laser printer will be more cost effective over its lifetime.

Print Speed

In a fast-paced work environment where you need documents printed quickly, a laser printer will be your best friend.

Smudge Proof

Laser printers use LED technology to melt solid toner to the paper making them smudge proof, even while the paper is still warm!


If its quality you’re after, a laser printer is the way to go. Whether black and white or full colour, the result of laser printing is clean, crisp and vibrant.


Toner Prices

The cost of toner cartridges is one of the less desirable traits of a laser printer. When compared to ink cartridges, they can even cost as much as double the amount.


A laser printer will take up more room in your office than an inkjet printer which, for small offices spaces, can be annoying. Newer models however, are getting more compact and eventually, will be no different in size than inkjet printers.


The first laser printers on the market were notoriously noisy. Nowadays, they are still noisier than your typical inkjet printer which can be annoying if you work on the phones and require a quiet environment.


Laser printers generally cost more to purchase than inkjet printers and colour cartridges are expensive. Laser printers are great for lots of black and white printing but no so much for colour.

Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of inkjet printers so you can select the best printer for your office.


Compact Size

Inkjet printers fit nicely into a smaller office as they don’t take up much space. If you’re concerned about saving space, inkjet printers are perfect.


Inkjet printers are affordable to buy, whether second hand or new. This also means they are cheaper to replace when the time comes.

Ink Cartridge Cost

Ink cartridges need to be replaced when they run out, as do toner cartridges for laser printers. The good news is, ink cartridges are much cheaper to replace and are continuously dropping in price each year.

Colour Printing

Inkjet printers not only print amazing quality colours, the cost of colour ink cartridges compared to colour toners is massive. If you do a lot of colour printing in your office, consider an inkjet printer.



The cost per page of inkjet printing is higher than that of laser printer due to their inefficient use of ink. This lets them down slightly, especially considering the price of ink and their initial cost is cheaper. For businesses who require high printing volumes, a laser printer may be the better option.


The process that inkjet printers use to transfer the ink to the paper is longer than the process laser printers use, therefore their printing speed is much slower.


While the quality of colour printing with inkjet printers is fantastic, they are let down by their ability to smudge and fade. Dye based inks commonly used in inkjet printers just don’t provide the same longevity and stability of the affect you get with laser printers.

Whether you need your printer repaired or your cartridges replaced, National Print Repairs can help so, contact us today!

You may have seen the letters CMYK on your printer, but do you know what it actually means?

CMYK is a subtractive colour model used in colour printing. It refers to the colours of the 4 inks used in the printing process – cyan, magenta, yellow and ‘Key’, which represents black.

CMYK is considered a ‘subtractive’ colour model due to the way in which it takes away from light wavelengths when printed. For example, on white paper, the ink reduces the light that would otherwise be reflected from the background and either masks it completely or partially.  This is different than the RGB (red, green, blue) method which is considered an ‘additive’ colour model as red, green and blue (primary colours) are mixed to create an array of colours.

In CYMK, Cyan is known as minus-red, magenta as minus-green, and yellow as minus-blue. Where two inks overlap on the paper due to sequential printing impressions, a primary colour is perceived. For example, yellow (minus-blue) overprinted by magenta (minus green) results in red. In the case of all three inks overlapping, almost all incident light is absorbed or subtracted which will result in black, or at least near black. While it is possible to represent black in this way, it’s more efficient and much more cost effective to use a separate black ink instead of combining three colours.

Your printer works by a process that involves the transfer of lots of tiny dots of ink which, to the naked eye, are completely invisible. When the colours combine, they create the illusion of a full colour image! Essentially, when we print in colour, we are seeing one big optical illusion.

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When purchasing a home or office printer, you are going to face the inevitable decision of choosing between inkjet and laser printers. So, which one is best? Let’s take a look at their main differences to better determine which one you should choose.

  1. Size

As a rule, most inkjet printers are much smaller in size than laser printers, making them the perfect choice for home or home office use. Laser printers are generally better suited in commercial workplaces or larger home offices.

  1. Cost

Inkjet printers are cheaper to purchase than laser printers which means you don’t have to fork out an arm and a leg to have one in your home. It also means they are cheaper to replace if they breakdown but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for” and laser printers are known for their excellent quality.

  1. Efficiency

Ink cartridges are easier to purchase and replace, often half the price of laser toner cartridges but laser printers are much more efficient. They actually work out cheaper to print per page thank inkjet and as such, are much more cost effective in the long run.

  1. Quality

If you are after superb printing quality, your best bet is to go with a laser printer. The reason for this is the way in which they print. Inkjet printers use liquid ink which means they are prone to smudging. Sometimes even highlighting your printed document can smudge the ink. Laser printers use LED technology to melt the solid toner to the paper, so smudging is never an issue.

  1. Print Speed

This one is pretty straightforward. Laser printers use more advanced technology, so they are able to print much faster than standard inkjet printers.

Contact the experts at National Print Repairs for printer repair and maintenance today!

CMYK is a subtractive colour model used in many different printers. It works by using a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink or toner cartridges (hence the name) in order to make all the colours needed for basic printing. The way in which these colours are mixed, determines the result of the colour on your paper. But what happens if one of these colours runs out?

In the case of a printer running out completely of one ink cartridge, it will automatically result a different colour. For example, if you were expecting reds and instead got yellows, it more than likely means your magenta inker/toner cartridge has run out. This is because magenta combines with yellow to create red, so in the absence of magenta, you are left with only yellow.  The other thing you may notice when magenta runs out, is your blues appear turquoise (or cyan) as the combination of magenta and cyan makes blue.

The absence of cyan is likely to cause your greens to appear less vibrant and your blues to turn pink or at the least, with pink tinges. Using the same principal, the absence of yellow results in reds appearing pinker and greens appearing more turquoise.

Black is given the initial K in this printing method to avoid confusion with the Red, Green, Blue (RGB) acronym where B is blue. Black can be achieved one of two ways, either by combining 100% of yellow, magenta and cyan, or by using its own separate black cartridge. You are always going to get a better result with a separate cartridge, but if your black happens to run out, your printer will combine the other colours by default to achieve the closest possible result to black.

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